- The motion design work of Kyle Downes
2017 Node Fest Ident
Intergalactic Mushrooms
This is a short ident I created for the 2017 Node Fest ident competition. It wont the judges-choice award
King Kong
Working for Artists in Motion, I created the scenic content for the King Kong broadway show in New York.
This was nominated in the 2019 Tony Awards for Best Scenic Design, and won at the Drama Desk Awards and Outer Critics Circle awards for Best Projection Design
2016 Node Ident
This is an ident I made for the 2016 Nodefest ident competition
MTV Networks
MTV Hits Top 6
This is a piece of packaging I created for MTV Hits' Top 6 countdown segment.
Without having a specific theme to base the packaging around (the countdowns could be anything from "Top 6 Dance Hits" to "Top 6 Music Video Heart Throbs"), I decided to instead choose a more abstract theme of a constantly changing Top 6 "specimen" growing and morphing to the music.
Created in Cinema 4D and After Effects.
Tokyo Disneyland
Disney Christmas Show
Working with Artists in Motion, I created animations for the Tokyo Disneyland Christmas projection show.
Chocolate Studios
Kitchen Talk Concepts
I was tasked with creating some short branding/packaging elements for an ad/segment by The Good Guys called "Kitchen Talk", which would air during the current season of The Block.
These are the results of some early concept frames that I had made, but were rejected because the client hated them.
I kind of liked the look of the styleframes, so I spent a little bit of spare time developing them into some more polished/finished pieces to upload here.
I'll upload the actual real, finished title/outro sequence here once it's gone to air.
Chocolate Studios
Kitchen Talk Concepts
Kitchen talk is an advertisement/segment airing during The Block: Triple Threat featuring Catriona Rowntree.
These were the final concepts I put together before the client suddenly changed direction and went with static text on a flat colour background.
Modelling was done in Cinema4D, lighting and rendering with Vray, and compositing/grading done in After Effects.
Nintendo & MTV
Nintendo Rhythm Heaven
This was the first project I worked on after starting at MTV. The ad sales team asked me to help come up with some concepts for a comp spot for the new Rhythm Heaven game for the Nintendo DS (fun game btw!).
I decided to try some isometric pixel art, because I thought it fit with the style of the game.
The guys at Nintendo liked the boards I did and gave it the go ahead, at which point I realised that I had never done pixel art before, and pixel art is extremely time consuming, and we had 3 days to complete the ad before it had to go to air.
I proceeded to spend the next full days and nights working like a mad dog to bust out some nice pixel elements ready to animate.
Amazingly, the next 3 days went like perfectly, Nintendo approved it without a single revision and I finished my first television commercial on time! Phew!
MTV Networks
MTV Hype Reel
This is a hype reel I made for MTV Australia with promo producer Andy Wallace a while ago.
It's basically just a standard showreel but I was pretty happy with the intro sequence and transition graphics that I created.
MTV Networks
MTV Snowjam
Snowjam is a yearly event held by MTV Australia that usually involves awesome snowboarding, live music performances, and lots of alcohol consumption.
I was tasked with creating the packaging for this year's event, held at Thredbo with performances by Bliss N Eso and
Operator Please, and hosted by Ruby Rose and Erin McNaught.
Last year's Snowjam packaging took a serious angle, so for this year's packaging I decided to go with a more funny, lighthearted tone by summing up Snowjam (music, snowboarding, partying and yetis) in one little snowglobe-like diorama.

I modelled/animated/rendered everything in Cinema 4D, and composited in After Effects.
I think the total production time was about 4 weeks or so and there were a lot of small bits and pieces to deliver to the production team.

The sound design was done by Uncanny Valley.
Elmo & Cookie Monster Rap
This is a short ident I made for ABC4 with Elmo and Cookie Monster.
Hook N Sling VJ loops
These are a variety of background VJ animation loops I created for Australian artist, Hook N Sling.
The brief was to create a series of loopable pulsing animations that could be speed-ramped to match the beat of the current song.
Themed around an 80's videogame-style retro polygon landscape, I used Cinema 4D and After effects to experiment with various effects and styles.
Personal Work
This is a collection of my work up to early 2016.
This consists mostly of stuff I created working for MTV Australia and freelancing for other companies/channels including Lifestyle, Fox Sports, Comedy Central, Fuel TV and Antonym Media.
All shots shown in this reel were created entirely by me with the exception of filmed footage.
Personal Work
3D Modern Provincial Interior
Lately I've been trying to learn how to do realistic architectural renders using vray and Cinema 4D. This is my first attempt.
All modelling and texturing is done by me.
I was having a lot of trouble initially; trying to use light portals at the windows to get enough light into the room, using all sorts of crazy camera settings etc. all resulting a very unrealistic, flat looking image.
Eventually I realised that the best way to get a realistic look with vray is to actually treat everything as you would in real life.
The day scene was lit using just a vray physical sun light and the vray physical camera set to 35mm with an ISO of 100, F-stop of 2, and shutter speed of
For the night scene, you can see I've had a harder time with the realism.
I used 3 omni lights with the Intensity units set as "radiant power W" which I think corresponds to regular Watts in the real world, and set at either 30watts or 50watts.
Comedy Central
Comedy Central Idents
This is a series of idents I made for Comedy Central during their latest rebrand. I was basically given a few days and free reign to make whatever I felt like, as long as it was funny! These are the results!
MTV Classic
Masters at Work
This is an ident that MTV commissioned me to make for their MTV Classic channel in Australia.
They wanted something like an homage to Kanye West's 'Power' music clip which was airing at the time (

Working with MTV promo producer Andy Wallace, we decided to construct a classical painting-like scene featuring MTV Classic's main music artists, culminating in an epic theatrical explosion.
MTV Networks
MTV Bumper Builder
This is a promo I made for MTV, promoting their Bumper Builder app, which allows viewers to jump online and upload their picture, which is turned into a short animated clip and played on air.
Antonym Media
This is an instructional web explainer video I made for PinchMe, a website that send you free product samples for you to send feedback and opinions.
WIP personal project
Renault Colours
This is a concept I begun developing a short while ago while trying to learn/practice doing car renders (also because Renault is one of the companies we do stuff for where I currently work). I may continue this further into a full video if I get the chance.
Created in Cinema 4D and rendered with Vray.
Fox Sports
Performance Insight
This is a short title sequence I created for the Fox Sports Performance Insight segment. Unfortunately they decided to go with a different, slightly simpler design that matched some other branding they had on their channel.
Created in Cinema 4D and After Effects.
MTV Networks
Live Sessions
This is a very short intro and packaging I created for an MTV show called 'Live Sessions'.
MTV Networks
Nitro Circus takeover
This is a promo for a Nitro Circus weekend on MTV.
Editing by Andy Wallace, graphics by me
MTV Networks
MTV U Control
MTV Australia recently launched a new channel called MTV Hits. The channel is largely based around the idea of interactivity (many of the shows involve viewers going online and creating playlists, etc., which are then played on air).
For most of the packaging on the channel, we got a plethora of motion designers with radically unique styles on board, supplied them each with a track composed by the guys at Uncanny Valley and gave them only two rules: They must visualise/react to music, and they must contain the colour pink (the Hits channel colour).
The U Control packaging is one of the shows I did. The show involves viewers uploading a pic and creating a playlist online, then for a full half hour, their face will be on MTV with the songlist they chose and comments by them.
The graphics, etc., were completed in cinema 4D and After Effects.
MTV Networks
MTV Summer Character
For MTV Australia's summer campaign, we created a series of idents based around a summer monster making his way through Sydney, finding and collecting stray summer-themed paraphernalia.
Concepted, produced and edited by Hilary Bunt, I was tasked with designing the initial concept sketched of the character.
3D and compositing was done by The Lab Sydney, with some minor elements modelled by me.
Analogue Folk
Nivea for Men
This is a little web animation I made for Nivea advertising their Nivea For Men product line.
Chocolate Studios
Youtube Preroll ad
This is a short animation I made for Chocolate Studios, the post production company I currently work for.
We wanted a simple, direct message advertising some of the services we offer. Since I was creating this animation in my downtime between tasks, I figured I'd use this as a chance to start learning morph-poses and lip-syncing, as well as trying to improve my character animation.
It can obviously do with a lot more work, but you've got to start somewhere.
Antonym Media
Antonym web video
This is a short web advert I did for Antonym Media. Unfortunately I never got the final audio for this, so this only has the rough guide audio.
When I get my hands on the final audio mix, I'll make sure to update.
MTV & Sharpie
Sharpie comp spot
This is a competition spot I made for MTV and Sharpie.
Made using Cinema 4D and After Effects.
MTV Networks
MTV Summer Packaging
This is the summer packaging I created for the MTV Summer Party. This was to play in conjunction with summer idents created by The Lab, featuring the "Summer Monster" made up of all these summery items, walking around town, grabbing more bits and pieces and adding it to himself as he goes.
MTV Networks
MTV Sydney office art
MTV Australia commissioned me to create some new mural artworks for their Sydney offices encompassing their various properties across MTV, Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.
Chocolate Studios & PGA
Silence the Scorecard
Studio: Chocolate Studios.
Director: Dave Ellis
Animation: Kyle Downes.
This is a TVC we made at Chocolate Studios.
I did all 3D work on this commercial, including character design, modelling, animation, rendering and compositing.
I also did the editing for this commercial.
Lifestyle channel
So Good Milk ident
This is a short ident I made for the Lifestyle channel and So Good milk.
This was my first attempt at achieving a photorealistic look with 3D and also my first attempt using the vray renderer.
Fuel TV
Fuel Gamer
This is a series of graphical elements I made for some Fuel TV segments called Fuel Flix and Fuel Gamer, which featured Mitch Tomlinson promoting the latest release videogame of movie.
Some of the episodes played on the joke of Mitch being surrounded by the action from the games and movies he's promoting. This involved me creating some quick VFX warzone/explosion scenes and placing Mitch into them.
MTV Networks
Marathon Month Promo
This is a promo I made for MTV advertising their october programming, featuring full seasons of shows being shown back-to-back.
Concept by Josh Graham, execution by me.